Quotes I recently bought bird toys and the bagel toy rings on the advice of Gayla from Toys for Tweets. My two African Greys love these toys and I have to constantly replace the bagel rings on the toy. My birds are very happy! One of my birds pulls his feathers but I found that the toys keeps him too busy to pull his feathers. I do not have that much experience with birds but I constantly rely on Gayla for advice. Thanks for all your help!!!  Quotes
Dan Vollmer
Loyal Customer


Quotes I received the seed ‎cleaner a couple days ago. Used it today! This machine is going to create a HUGE savings for me! I have 8 birds & have been spending about $200 every 3 weeks on bird food. Combination of pellets, seed & nuts. I believe this little gem is going to allow me to order food every 4 to 5 weeks instead of every 3 weeks. Good job! I an very pleased! Quotes
Janet S.
Satisfied Customer


Quotes I have used Gayla's toys for years, and they're wonderful! She knows what's safe for birds, what birds love, and makes and sells awesome toys. She also gives back to birds, donating many times to birds in need, and participating in supporting bird causes. Not only that, but she is a gem of a person! Thanks, Gayla, for your great bird toys and for caring about our birds as if they were your own. :)Quotes
Gayla knows what birds love!


Quotes I have been buying toys from Gayla for many years. She sells only the highest quality bird toys that she herself would be willing to use with her own birds. All 6 of my birds, from my Blue and Gold Macaw down to my Meyers Parrot, are always busy chomping, shredding, destroying and generally having a blast with their toys from here. Excellent customer service. Quotes
Happy Beaks all Around!



Quotes I have bought your toys for years for my birds of all sizes including my very hard to please grey, Shadow. Even he chews and plays with YOUR toys. The spoons are a favorite for the other greys and when they get too dusty I just put them in the dishwasher. The toys are well made and I'm just glad you have toys that are durable. I like the toys that satisfy the urge to chew. I have birds from the size of a Macaw to Caiques. You have toys to fit all my birds. Glad to be a customer. Quotes