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Stainless Steel Measuring Cup Bird Toy

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You will be able to measure up your bird's excitement with this new Stainless Steel Measuring Cup Bird Toy!  The toy is only for birds who likes LOUD noises and is strong enough for  big birds.  You will love watching your bird play with this awesome toy.  The four stainless steel measuring cups and four acrylic colorful pacifiers are held together by chain and mounted on a thick PVC fitting.  This toy is recommended for medium and large birds and measures 14″ Long x 6″ Wide.

Customer Reviews

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Debi curtice
Best ever....

I really didn't think my DYH would like this toy, but Gayla recommended it for my bird.She really knows her birds and toys.. He was never much into toys could get him interested in a few. But he loves this toy... plays with it all the time. First thing in the morning its almost like a alarm, he wakes me up shaking, tossing it around. So far ever toy she has suggested for both my guys, and my girl. A amazon. U2 and a cockatiel has been a hit... will keep buying from Gayla at Toys for Tweets and taking her suggestions... Great selection and prices.

Thank you Ms. Curtice for the feed back. I just love hearing these success stories. We are here to help you with future purchases.